Where to study in Thessaloniki

April 16, 2024

Discover the best study spots in Thessaloniki!

  • location: Kon/nou Melenikou 14
  • outlet access: fair
  • noise: fairly quiet

Whether you’re looking for a good study spot in between classes, or a change of scenery, Tabya is your place. This cafe is trendy and fun, full of vibes that are catered to university students. The upstairs has a good amount of light but may be a tad louder than the downstairs area. The downstairs area is more reserved as a workspace; it can be quite dark, but it has decent seating and table space. I would say that Tabya is best for group projects or for a quick study session in between classes.

  • location: Dim. Gounari 1
  • outlet access: fair
  • noise: moderate

As many of you might already know, there are two Starbucks locations in Thessaloniki. Both are infested with tourists and similar to any typical Starbucks, but for the purposes of this article, I will focus on the Starbucks located near the White Tower. I find that when I am looking for some calmness amidst the chaos, this is the place. The downstairs area has lounge seating and some window-seat stools. Of course, due to its location, there are many people coming in and out; this makes it ideal for those who are doing some light reading or can focus with headphones on. As for the upstairs area, it tends to gather those who are looking to be more focused. I find that Starbucks is best for those who might be in a rut and want to get a good amount of work done on a weekend; the view of the water and the sunlight make it almost impossible to feel isolated.

Hayat Mikri Poli
  • location: Paleon Patron Germanou 23
  • outlet access: good
  • noise: quiet

If you’re looking for a cozy and quiet place to study, Hayat is the place to go. Ideal during a cold winter’s day, the library upstairs is a popular workspace and designated quiet area. It can be quite secluding at times, especially if there aren’t others who are also studying. The one guarantee is that there are large tables with many extension cords, so it is a very comfortable space. I recommend Hayat’s workspace to those who have trouble studying in coffee shops, but are still looking for a change in scenery.

Little Big House
  • location: Andokidou 24
  • outlet access: fair
  • noise: moderate

Little Big House is a great spot for a relaxed study session that is farther from the chaos of the city center. In Ano Poli, this unique cafe is filled with cats roaming around and bright-colored decorations. There is limited seating inside, especially if there are many people, it can be quite overwhelming. I would not recommend this choice during a weekend or any weekday during brunch hours; weekday afternoons are the best time to work remotely from Little Big House. The outside area, if it is not too warm and sunny, can be a great area-keep in mind that there are limited outlets. For those who want to explore Ano Poli and get some quick workdone, I highly recommend Little Big House- if you don’t have a cat allergy!

JOIN juice bars
  • location: Patron Germanou 10 and Leof. Nikis 73
  • outlet access: good
  • noise: fairly loud

JOIN is a very popular spot for people of all ages, looking to work or study. However, it can be quite loud and busy at times. The noise depends on the day; Sunday mornings and weekday afternoons tend to be the busiest. Their choice of music is very upbeat and, again depending on the day, can be louder than the music from your headphones. To distinguish between the two locations, the JOIN located on the seafront is ideal if you need access to outlets and want some sunlight exposure; the JOIN on Palaion Patron is a dark cafe, with large tables and outlet access. I highly recommend JOIN to those who want to work for an extended period and are able to tune out their surroundings.

  • location: Egnatia 123
  • outlet access: good
  • noise: quiet

De-tox is a cafe chain of Thessaloniki, one of which is in the Rotunda area and has a study library. This cafe is a typical-looking cafe on the outside, which can be great for coffee with friends, but there is also a “hidden” library just around theback. This library is a designated quiet space for studying, with spacious table seating and outlet access. Keep in mind, there is a newly implemented entrance fee of 2 euros, separate from what you choose to order. Nonetheless, this study spot is highly regarded and close to the university. Whether you want to study alone or with a friend, De-tox is a quiet spot with many conveniences.

  • location: Edessis 5
  • outlet access: good
  • noise: moderate

Ypsilon is a popularcafe/restaurant/bar that is located near Ladadika. The cafe is essentially split into two parts: one half is quieter; the other half is busier. With this being said, the noise levels are not always consistent. There are days that the “workspace” half is very quiet, but on Sundays for example, there may be some commotion during morning hours. Despite the occasional disruptions, Ypsilon has many extension cords that can reach almost any table you choose. There are tables for big groups and others for those who study solo. The cafe is nicely decorated with many plants. Ypsilon is an aesthetically pleasing cafe with good coffee and great vibes.

Canteen Spirit
  • location: Agiou Georgiou 13
  • outlet access: good
  • noise: quiet

Canteen Spirit is a study coffee house with views of the Rotunda and a good amount of natural light. The seating is not very separated or individualized, meaning there are many communal desk spaces. It is important to keep in mind that the internet access is limited, so it may not be ideal for when you would like to study for an extended period. On the other hand, it is a wonderful workspace that is near the university and free of distraction.

Svolos Workspace
  • location: Al. Svolou 39
  • outlet access: good
  • noise: quiet

A new addition to Thessaloniki, Svolos is a workspace that has attracted many AUTh students. Itis a two-floor building, with a great amount of sunlight on the top floor, and a lower floor that is cave-like. There are many outlets to charge your devices and a wide variety of seating arrangements. Regardless of the time of day, Svolos is a great spot to get in the zone and study for hours.

Other great locations:

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NR40 urban arts




Written by Antonia Demopoulos, Vice President of Internal Affairs, 3rd Year Medical Student at Aristotle University School Of Medicine