Andreas Antoniades

Active Since
Oct 2022
Country of Birth
Limassol, Cyprus
Fun fact:

I’ve never broken a bone. 

What is your personal goal for your IMSoG position?

As President of IMSoG, my personal goal is straightforward: to enhance the journey of medical students at Aristotle University. Leveraging the society's resources, I aim to provide clear, practical support and guidance to both prospective and current students. 

Why do you want to become a doctor?

Medicine didn't come to me as a 'spark' moment of realizing I wanted to do medicine; it has been more of an accumulation of experiences. My interest in track and field really helped at the start, especially when I got injured and had to undergo surgery. I found it so interesting how you could translate science into a kind of art and then apply it to people. Seeing firsthand the kind of impact that their work was having on a patient's life - my life, in particular - was absolutely mind-blowing.

Even the small things, like when my doctor explained the really difficult concepts to me very clearly, have stayed with me my whole life.

Seeing the kindness and compassion that exceptional doctors show has greatly influenced me. When you encounter truly good doctors, as I have, you tend to remember them vividly. That's something I aim to emulate myself. Many say they want to pursue medicine to help people, and fundamentally, it does boil down to that. In medicine, you have numerous opportunities to aid people, both in acute situations, where immediate action is needed, and in long-term care, making a difference over time.

This is coupled with my genuine enjoyment of science subjects and the continuous challenges I anticipate in medical school. When I combine all these factors, it becomes clear why I am drawn to a career in medicine and why I aspire to become a doctor.