Florentia Katzi

Vice President of Academic Affairs
Active Since
Oct 2022
Country of Birth
Famagusta, Cyprus
Fun fact:

I think I was born to be a tv star, either an actress or a singer. I've been doing theatre and playing music since I was 5 years old. I can sing and play the piano, even compose my own melodies. Maybe in another life, someone out there is my biggest fan.

What is your personal goal for your IMSoG position?

My goal as VP of academic affairs is to help students get more comfortable with our curriculum. I want to provide as much information as possible about our subjects and how to get through them. Med school is as hard as it is, and if I can make someone’s life easier just by handing my notes and other useful material out, then I will be happy! I am always available to help anyone from every year.

Why do you want to become a doctor?

Growing up, my mom didn’t read to me bedtime stories. She got me this small anatomy book and she taught me the basics about the human body. She used to buy me this kid’s magazine, about anatomy that came with collectible skeleton parts that you could assemble. When we eventually collected all the parts we built that skeleton right across my bed so every time I woke up at night I would look at it and it would look back at me with his bulging eyes, and I would start crying. My mom came into the room and asked me to name all his body parts so I could get over my fear. As I grew older, I also grew more curious, and by the age of 13 I made my goal to get into medicine and now I can't see myself doing anything other than this.