Evangelia Lazarou

Year Representative
Active Since
Mar 2023
Country of Birth
Paphos, Cyprus
Fun fact:

I used to have hair like Rapunzel in middle school, but before going to high school I cut it and donated it.

What is your personal goal for your IMSoG position?

As the Student Representative of my year, my goals are rooted in service, collaboration and positive change. Being a voice for my classmates, a conduit for their ideas, will help shape our educational experience by creating a student-centric university and campus. I'll be aiming to bridge the gaps between student and teacher through active listening and communication. I want to engage more with my peers, to understand their concerns and ensure transparency in the decision-making process. I want to make sure that my classmates are informed about what changes are being proposed, how and when their concerns are being addressed, and any upcoming news.

Why do you want to become a doctor?

I have to say, the idea of becoming a doctor didn't come to me readily. When I was in high school my mind was a whirlwind of possibilities, questions like 'Who am I?' and 'Who am I supposed to be in this world?' kept surfacing. As I stood on the cusp of adulthood though, the dream of becoming a doctor, that had always lingered in the back of my head, was clearer than ever. The idea kept building up and when I had to make a decision, well, I couldn't see myself doing anything else in this world; I believe it's my calling.

Helping people is a task I consider as the bare minimum if you're a doctor-to-be, so I won't focus on that even though it does come down to this and doctors who are passionate are driven by it. Personally, I want to do medicine because it's something bigger than myself. My desire to understand the mysteries of the human body and the complexities surrounding it, excites me. A ticket to lifelong learning and training to become a better person nurturing and displaying traits like compassion, empathy, love, care and selflessness is what will help this world advance, as a society and individually too. They say 'next generations are the hope for our future' , I want to actively be that hope.