Titus Gulere Ndhokero

Year Representative
Active Since
Mar 2023
Country of Birth
Kampala, Uganda
Fun fact:

I don’t like water or fries

What is your personal goal for your IMSoG position?

As the class representative, I'm dedicated to making sure everyone knows about the opportunities available for academic growth, developing soft skills, engaging in research and innovation, and networking. Plus, I want our year to feel like a community where we celebrate each other's wins and learn from one another's cultures and experiences. For new students, I'm here to offer tips, guidance, and personal insights to make their transition to university life in Greece as smooth as possible.

Why do you want to become a doctor?

One of the most satisfying feelings is making a difference in someone’s life whether it’s socially, mentally, economically or health. So I chose to be a doctor because health is one of the most valuable assets we have and without good health you can’t enjoy your life fully despite having the rest of the mentioned. I generally enjoy making people feel better or having a positive effect in peoples lives and I choose to do it through healthcare.