Christodoulos Kizis

Year Representative
Active Since
Mar 2023
Country of Birth
Larnaca, Cyprus
Fun fact:

My dog is a rescue from the military base I used to serve at

What is your personal goal for your IMSoG position?

I want to represent my year in a way in which our opinions, thoughts and viewpoints are properly heard and expressed to the wider IMSoG community while also creating an environment of communication, dialogue and academic empowerment through the distribution of academic resources and more. In doing so, I want to act as a bridge connecting the average student to our student union while setting a precedent about what it means to be a good year representative. 

Why do you want to become a doctor?

I am drawn to medicine because it combines my liking for scientific inquiry with my desire to make a tangible difference in people's lives. This career path offers a unique opportunity to apply my skills in a meaningful way, addressing real-world problems and providing care that improves health outcomes. By becoming a doctor, I aspire to not only support and heal individuals but also to contribute to the broader well-being of the community. My goal is to develop a compassionate practice that fosters health and resilience, helping people lead fuller, healthier lives.