Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for managing and overseeing the activities and initiatives of the organization and it is comprised of the Executive and General Board.

Executive Board

The Executive Board is the governing body of a union, responsible for managing and administering its overall operations. Elected by the membership for a one-year term, the Board makes critical decisions and implements policies to ensure the success of the union.
Andreas Antoniades
Vice President of External Affairs
Sam Olagoke
Vice President of Internal Affairs
Antonia Demopoulos
Angela Edric
Apostolos Antonakoudis

General Board

The General Board is a decision-making body of a union, responsible for making decisions on all union matters not delegated to the Executive Board. The Board meets regularly to discuss important issues and set policies that align with the union's goals and objectives.
Director of Club Affairs
Panayiotis Tsakonas
Director of Events
Kyriaki Ladas
Director of Finance
Mikail Chatzivasiliadis
Director of Medical Networking
Stella Savvidou
Director of Philanthropy
Konstantina Michail
Director of Public Relations
Amandine Bontoux
Director of Social Media
Nikolas Abel/Carol Ojeka
Director of Social Standards
Florentia Katzi
Director of Student Relations
Atharva Vanage